Bangers are British-style sausages, so named because they sometimes have a tendency to explode if you try to cook them too fast. At Full English, we make our own bangers, by hand, from 100% natural pork, with our own seasonings, and a few breadcrumbs for texture. (We also have breadcrumb-free sausages for gluten-free people). As well as serving bangers in the cafe, we can make you packs to take home and cook yourself; see our special orders page, or contact us here.


The breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are an essential ingredient in the British banger, because they help retain fat and make the sausage more juicy. And natural animal fat is very good for you, as science is now discovering! 


The seasonings

We experimented with traditional spices used in British cooking for centuries, and found our own secret blend to complements the flavour of the meat perfectly. 


The process

We use an old-fashioned, hand-cranked sausages stuffing machine, which requires a certain amount of skill and lots of patience and biceps power! If you ever feel like making your own British sausages, here is a very good recipe and method for doing it at home. 




Full English bangers, one of which has slightly exploded

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