At Full English, we serve British-style back bacon, made from the loin rather than the belly, so leaner and more meaty. British back bacon is similar to Canadian bacon, but seasoned differently. 

We also serve American bacon if you prefer.

Our back bacon is made by R.J. Balson and Son, a traditional British butcher now also in North Carolina, USA. Here's how it's made:


"We source the highest quality hogs fed on a mixture of barley and corn. We then hand trim and cure the loins according to traditional methods and apply a subtle smoke from an applewood log fire. The end result is a delicate flavor that brings back memories of home."


Balson's also happens to be the oldest family business in Britain, with a rather fascinating history dating amazingly back all the way to Henry VIII, the large king and famously terrible husband. And over in England, they also make sausages from elk, ostrich and deer, so if you ever happen to be in Bridport, Dorset, pick some up and tell us what they're like! (Elk is like venison. We had to look that up :-))


Meanwhile, you can buy Balson's British bacon from their website, or visit Full English and pick up a half-pound pack for $7+tax with no shipping charge. 


Here's a page about British back bacon from the English Breakfast Society

And here's How to cook the perfect bacon sandwich, from the Guardian.













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